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roiLogic completes the rollout of its new Distributed Spidering Network.
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What is roiLogic?

roiLogic provides merchants with the tools they need to understand their customers and how they arrive at a purchasing decision. Our advanced reporting can provide insight into which marketing campaigns are working, which products are selling and which products are underperforming. With roiLogic you don't have to wait 24-48 hours to see if an advertising campaign is working. With our revolutionary real-time processing, you can view sales data, web metrics and click paths instantly, as they happen.
Price Engine Reporting Use roiLogic's powerful price engine reporting to view your ranking across multiple price engines.
roiLogic's Price Engine Reporting is powerful by itself but when combined with the real-time web-metrics it provides the user with an unparalled view of the market for a given product, or products within a pre-defined group.
roiLogic connector DLL.
roiLogic is also available as a windows extension dll. The DLL acts a data-connector between the roiLogic real-time data collection server and your own customized application. The software also serves as a script host for end-users to write their own customized reports in javascript or vbscript. roiLogic provides all of the reports that are currently available online (javascript) as well as sample source code to use in your own MFC based C++ application. With powerful standardized scripting along with roilogic's extension DLL you can provide customized reporting for your own customers.
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Wondering how we can take so much information and put it in an easy to read, easy to understand format that is easy to navigate? View the software demo. The software demo will take you step by step through identifying traffic that is providing a return and traffic that is not. It will also show how users can drill down from the main referrals to the individual invoices with the click of a mouse. See for yourself.